Welcome to the Crap Headteacher

I know that many others are writing a blog about all manner of things to do with education. They are looking at different research methods, different ways of assessment and the latest insights on learning. If that is what you are looking for then I am afraid you are in the wrong place.

Up until December 2019 I was a headteacher at a larger than average primary school in a very deprived area in North East England. As you can imagine the population of the town was not known for its ethnic or religious diversity, in fact it was a novelty if you saw anything but a white face, but more of that later. When I took over the school had recently been inspected by our friends at OFSTED and was requiring improvement. Within 4 terms that had changed to being Good. (Hurray!)

In February 2019 the school had a short inspection and maintained its good rating but would need to have a full inspection next time. The letter was classed by the Local Authority as a Good minus.

So why you may ask is this blog entitled “The Crap Headteacher?”

Well, as I said, I am no longer the headteacher there. I became ill with stress in June 2019 (although it had been coming for quite a while) and I have not been back since. There were many reasons for my decision, and in future posts I hope to look at them a bit further. I suppose that this blog is part of my recovery and in writing it I hope to perhaps help others who either are, or were, in my position.

There is no research in what may follow, no deep educational insights or revolutionary examples of teaching that will change the whole landscape of schooling in this country or around the world. No, there are just the ramblings, opinions and stories of someone who, in the words of a good friend, “has been in the trenches for a long time.”

If any of what I post is of use to anyone then feel free to share it around. If you have any topics that you would like to hear my opinion on then feel free to ask. (Although don’t expect much. I was a Crap Headteacher after all!)

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